DENTAL MYSINT 100 - Laser Metal Fusion

Take advantage from the Manufacturer Sisma togther with the Manufacturer Trumf the new Laser Metal Fusion 3d Printer.

Simple and Rodust Design

The splittable structure prevents any possibility of contamination between the Laser Metal Fusion process zone and the electronic part.  Thanks to this design MYSINT is easy to carry

Enhanced Productivity

The patented tilting coater allows a notable reduction of the recoating time between each layer, thus signicantly improving the productivity. 

Perfect Fusion / Low Gas Consumption

The optimized inert gas management not only ensures a uniform and constant flow over the metal powder bed, nut it also contributes to reduce the gas consumtion to <0,3L/min

High Efficiency Filter

MYSINT is equipped with a dedicated, easy replaceable filter

Effective Powder Management

The Dynamic Oversupply automatically calculates the exact amount of powder necessary to generate the piece.

Sint & Mill

Sisma has developed a special patented system for the Dental Apllication.  The Sint & Mill is for CNC milling of CpCr Dental elemnets created through the Laser Metal Fusion technology.

The software organizes the Dental elements on the building platform in order to optimize the space available and automatically places the anchor loops around itsoutline.  The operator is then free to manage the elements with connectors available in many different shapes just with a few clicks.

The software creates two files that will allow further processing:

1.  STL for Mysint, with corks and material allowances

2.  STL for the CNC machine and its ISO path.

Building Volume  100mm diameter x 100 height 
Laser Source Fiber Laser 200W
Precision Optics Quartz F-Theta Lens
Laser Sot Diameter 55um
Typical Layer Thickness (adjustable) 15-30um
Inert Gas Supply Nitrogen, Argon
Inert Gas Consumption <0,3 L/min @ 0,5% O2
O2 Concentration 0,3%
Door Standard
Filter Unit Fixed
Power Supply 220-240 V 1ph - 50/60Hz
Max Power Absorbed 1,2kW
Inert Gas Supply 6mm / 2.5 - 5bar @ 35l/min
Machine Dimensions 1390 x 777 x 1600 mm (LxWxH)
Net Weight 650Kg